every year at the end of summer, our church puts on a clambake at crane beach in ipswich, ma. after missing it two years in a row i cannot tell you how excited i was to finally be able to go! i put it on our calendar months in advance. i'll admit, i am not a huge seafood lover. however, my grandma taught me that you can learn to like all types of food. i am trying to put that to the test with seafood. i ended up eating half of one before calling it quits. i'm hoping to make better progress next year :) unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the clams, which is a little ridiculous with it being a clambake and all, but i think i've got enough of the lobsters to make up for it! i can't wait till next year's clambake! 

 ^^ the cooking process. they have it down to a science.

i'm a little sad to see summer go, but this was definitely a great last hurrah!