behind the camera


hello! just thought i would drop in for a quick post since it's been a little while. i recently got back from a two week trip to michigan to spend some time with my family. parker has been working some pretty long hours and traveling a fair amount so i thought that was the perfect excuse for me to jet off to the mitten for some much needed r&r. two weeks was the longest parker and i have ever been apart, but the time went by fast having fun with my family and knowing parker was also traveling and staying really busy with work.

after going back to school i haven't been able to take on as many photo shoots as i would like, so any time i get to spend behind the camera is a real treat for me. it has become a tradition to do a photo shoot with my sister, rebecca, when i go home for a visit. we always have the best time playing around with different poses and goofing off together. this time we went to a metropark not far from my parent's house and it was the perfect location! rebecca is such a beautiful person inside and out and i am so glad she and i have remained close over the years. i wish 16 had looked as good on me as it looks on her! i swear this girl can't take a bad picture!

*pictures taken at kensington metropark in milford, michigan

finally fall


today i lit my first pumpkin scented candle of the season, which, to me, means it's officially fall! autumn is hands down my favorite season and i particularly love the month of october. dealing with the harsh winters we tend to get here in the northeast is totally worth it in my book because it means in return we get to enjoy an amazing fall season. new england is such a magical place this time of year. all of the leaves change from green to gold and red, and shades of orange and purple. the color display is spectacular! so to kick off the fall season parker and i drove up to new hampshire this past weekend to check out the changing leaves. i think we were a week or two early for the peak foliage, but with some busy weekends ahead i didn't want to miss out on leaf peeping this year! we had a really great time seeing the beautiful changing leaves and spending some time in nature. 

i am so excited for more fall themed excursions this year!

new beginnings


the month of september has brought some exciting newness to the moffat household. parker started a new job and i started a new school year. these new changes are keeping the both of us very busy! this semester i am taking some business and accounting classes as well as a family history class, which i am really liking so far. it looks like this semester is going to be a lot of work, but i am looking forward to it!

while starting a new school year has created some excitement at our house, we are really excited about parker's new job. parker recently accepted a position with EY (ernst & young) in m&a. this means that he will be traveling more often, but he will no longer have the dreaded "busy season" of public accounting--yay!! parker had a lot of great experiences working at PwC for the last three years, but we felt that this new position was the right move for what he wants to do professionally long-term. parker's new role has him working with companies who hire EY to perform due diligence on a company that they are looking to acquire. his new office is in the john hancock towner (colloquially known as just the hancock), a well known building of boston's skyline. of course i wanted to check it out so parker gave me the grand tour last weekend. i am really proud of all of parker's accomplishments so far in his professional career. he is such a hard worker and i am looking forward to seeing him excel at his new position with EY!

^^the view from parker's floor. i'm not jealous or anything...

parker's job at PwC was what brought us out here to boston, and with him starting this new job at EY it feels like we are beginning a new chapter in the book of our adventure on the east coast. here's to adding new fun and exciting experiences to the book!



every year at the end of summer, our church puts on a clambake at crane beach in ipswich, ma. after missing it two years in a row i cannot tell you how excited i was to finally be able to go! i put it on our calendar months in advance. i'll admit, i am not a huge seafood lover. however, my grandma taught me that you can learn to like all types of food. i am trying to put that to the test with seafood. i ended up eating half of one before calling it quits. i'm hoping to make better progress next year :) unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the clams, which is a little ridiculous with it being a clambake and all, but i think i've got enough of the lobsters to make up for it! i can't wait till next year's clambake! 

 ^^ the cooking process. they have it down to a science.

i'm a little sad to see summer go, but this was definitely a great last hurrah!

three years


back in august parker and i celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! after having spent a month traveling to visit our families we decided a little getaway with just the two of us was in order. we spent 3 days in bar harbor/acadia national park and it was perfect. sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of boston that i really just need a break to get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors. the highlight of the trip for me was by far kayaking at sunset. it was magical. i get excited just thinking about it! for all of you east coasters out there, and even non east coasters, bar harbor and acadia is a must do!  

^^ i mean how cute is this town?!

happy anniversary, babe!



welcome to my blog! 
first a little history: i am originally from the detroit, mi area. i went to school at BYU where i met my husband, parker. we got married in 2011 and two weeks later moved to boston. we love life out here on the east coast and plan on staying for a while. i am currently in school studying business management with an emphasis in entrepreneurial management, and still have a few semesters to go until i graduate. 

photography is my passion. it is my creative outlet and how i most easily express myself. life through my lens is my little space on the internet where i can share my life's experiences through photography with my friends and family. enjoy!

"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved." - Ansel Adams