new beginnings


the month of september has brought some exciting newness to the moffat household. parker started a new job and i started a new school year. these new changes are keeping the both of us very busy! this semester i am taking some business and accounting classes as well as a family history class, which i am really liking so far. it looks like this semester is going to be a lot of work, but i am looking forward to it!

while starting a new school year has created some excitement at our house, we are really excited about parker's new job. parker recently accepted a position with EY (ernst & young) in m&a. this means that he will be traveling more often, but he will no longer have the dreaded "busy season" of public accounting--yay!! parker had a lot of great experiences working at PwC for the last three years, but we felt that this new position was the right move for what he wants to do professionally long-term. parker's new role has him working with companies who hire EY to perform due diligence on a company that they are looking to acquire. his new office is in the john hancock towner (colloquially known as just the hancock), a well known building of boston's skyline. of course i wanted to check it out so parker gave me the grand tour last weekend. i am really proud of all of parker's accomplishments so far in his professional career. he is such a hard worker and i am looking forward to seeing him excel at his new position with EY!

^^the view from parker's floor. i'm not jealous or anything...

parker's job at PwC was what brought us out here to boston, and with him starting this new job at EY it feels like we are beginning a new chapter in the book of our adventure on the east coast. here's to adding new fun and exciting experiences to the book!


  1. That's exciting!! We must celebrate over dinner soon!

  2. Agree, Ellen! I'll have my people contact your people!