finally fall


today i lit my first pumpkin scented candle of the season, which, to me, means it's officially fall! autumn is hands down my favorite season and i particularly love the month of october. dealing with the harsh winters we tend to get here in the northeast is totally worth it in my book because it means in return we get to enjoy an amazing fall season. new england is such a magical place this time of year. all of the leaves change from green to gold and red, and shades of orange and purple. the color display is spectacular! so to kick off the fall season parker and i drove up to new hampshire this past weekend to check out the changing leaves. i think we were a week or two early for the peak foliage, but with some busy weekends ahead i didn't want to miss out on leaf peeping this year! we had a really great time seeing the beautiful changing leaves and spending some time in nature. 

i am so excited for more fall themed excursions this year!